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Mental health and Christians

Hi Joey, First time caller long time supporter :-D I have a friend who has a pretty significant mental health diagnosis and has been treated for this condition for over 20 years. She is involved in some online communities that are frankly pretty toxic. One of the leaders has told her things like her condition is a sign of “lukewarm faith”… She’s had a man there act interested in starting a relationship and then backing out because God told him to (because he discovered some page of hers and worried she might be a “Delilah”.) She keeps telling me about these really toxic things people there say to her. I know she also is fairly isolated and this community has been helpful in some ways too. How do I (as a friend) wisely encourage her here? I don’t know if telling her to leave is a good idea because she gets paranoid and I’m afraid for a variety of reasons what she’d think of that. I keep just telling her these things they’re saying are really unfair and wrong. What could I tell her specifically from a Christian perspective to say back to these people who feel like their version of Christianity is apparently the only “real” version and mental health problems are a sign of backsliding or something ridiculous… I can’t even make sense of their jacked up logic. Thanks.

Are we zooming tonight?

No email came so i was wondering. thanks

No zoom apparently

Hey Joey; I found the zoom link for that one and only group i joined and clicked it - i'm not getting in, sigh. it sure is a long wait for one meet a month. I really do want to fellowship with you folks.

Are you getting this?

Hey my brother; Do you read the comments i sometimes leave under the episodes here? I'm not seeing anyone else doing that. e.g., i just amen'ed your declaration in episode 54. Just thats not true - i really need to know :) Thanks brother

The remarkable event Thursday June 1st

Hey Brother Joey; we are going to meet on Zoom next Thursday evening, correct? What will the format be? What will we be discussing? It helps me to have an idea so that I might be prepared........then again, i can def do spontaneity! Thanks